Whale Watching Week – Spring Migration

Whale Watching Week – Spring Migration
March 23 – March 30

Location : The Oregon Coast – Locally – Newport, South Beach, Depoe Bay, Lincoln City

Link :State of Oregon: Oregon Parks & Recreation Dept.: Whale Watching
Link :OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center

This week is the peak time for spring migration, People come from all over the United States to learn about the gray whales that migrate past our coast each year. About 18,000 whales will pass by our coast during March, April, May and June on their way to Alaska’s Bering Sea.
Juveniles pass first followed by adults. Last are the mothers and babies. Many of them come close to shore feeding on Oregon’s great food supply. In April and May you may be able to see mothers and calves resting in protected coves close to shore. This can be seen quite often from the Whale Center in Depoe Bay.
There are trained volunteers to help visitors spot gray whales during migration at 24 coastal sites. Regardless of which direction they may be traveling, whales can be seen any month of the year. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department park rangers are ready at the Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay to answer your questions and help you find whales to watch.

Whale Watching

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  1. Sue Surdam says:

    Thanks for the heads up about whale watching. I love whales! Great article, photo and video – shared it on Facebook.

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